Giza Cotton Shirts

Why Choose a Giza Cotton Dress Shirt?


There are many of the options available with the fabric when it comes to men’s shirt. But your choice would totally change after choosing the Giza cotton shirts. This fabric is made from the cotton plants which are harvested near the Nile river. Therefore, it is regarded as one among the best fabric in terms of cotton. You might find a bit costlier as compared to other fabrics. But yes, it would prove worth for the investment options with Giza fabrics. 

1. Machine washable 

You don’t have to spend extra times to make out another washing for this cotton dress. When your cotton shirt seems dirt just put with rest of the laundry for washing. This fabric wont get damaged when exposed to any other type of detergent or even hot waters. Hence, you won’t have to invest in any of different fabric cleaners. Prefer cleaning of the shirt as per mentioned instruction on the tag of manufacturer. Mostly it follows washing the cloth in cold water followed with tumble drying. 

2. Lightweight 

Giza cotton shirts make you a lightweight feeling for great comfort. But yes, the weight of the shirt might differ based totally on its manufacturing process. Giza cotton shirts have higher prize due to its fabric and lightweight properties. When you wear it you won’t feel like wearing anything. It matches your body type and gives the great comfort. You would indeed forget all other fabrics after choosing the Giza cotton shirts. Hence, these fabric are considered best as compared to other heavy weighted shirt materials. 

3. Hypoallergenic 

Have you ever got reaction on body as part of skin allergies? Don’t worry these symptoms are common among people. Many of them suffer with rash, hives or rosy patches on body when they have allergy with some kind of fabrics. It is because the skin cells consider these fabric material touching your body as a foreign antigen. When exposed to such fabrics the immune system of the body gets active and fight against it developing allergic symptoms at last. Such person should definitely choose the Giza cotton shirts for its hypoallergenic properties. It means this fabric wont trigger any allergies to your skin. 

4. Natural cooling 

Men purple formal shirt made with Giza fabrics can wore during any season as it proves as natural cooling material. It follows the natural cooling mechanism due to its fabric. In the hotter environment our body releases sweat to maintain the temperature of body. Cotton are the natural absorbing agents. Therefore, Giza cotton fabric shirts absorbs your sweat and give you natural cooling. In short, it can assist your outfit in any season. 

5. Superior softness 

Giza cotton shirts are much different as compared to other types of cotton clothes. As per its harvesting in Egypt it possess some of the unique feature of superior softness. Therefore, you can easily find a difference in softness after wearing the shirt made from Giza cotton fabrics. People who prioritize quality in their clothing can exclusively find such options at Investing in this option will not prove you wrong. 

6. Available in custom sizes 

You can find different custom size for Giza cotton shirts. You can choose your size while ordering the shirt at our site. There are many other places where only basic size options are available. But these options might not fit your body well. Why to take such chance while investing a bit higher? Rather you can always choose for the custom size option. It will help you to get a perfect fit to your body shape. 

7. Variety of styles 

Do you like to create a classy look with traditional colors like blue or black? Or you like to spice up outfit with addition of stripped shirt in multiple colors. In both the cases, you can choose Giza cotton dress shirt. You can design the shirt as per your choice and occasion in variety of styles. Create a best formal look for the tie events with plain solid white Giza cotton dress shirt. 

8. Doesn’t shrink easily 

There are many materials like wool which shrink upon washing. It is because the fabric will draw up when exposed to heat. But the case with Giza cotton shirt differs as it doesn’t get any notable shrinkage after washes. If you are one among tired of replacing shirts due to shrinkage then definitely give a try to Giza shirts. 

9. High tensile strength 

Many people have misconception for cotton as a weaker fabric in shirts.  But Giza cotton dress shirt have totally a high tensile strength. These won’t tear or experience any wear or tear. These shirts even get a higher strength when get wets. According to research, all the cotton fabrics included with Giza shows higher strength when wet as compared to dried form. 


Giza cotton dress shirts have no reason to reject when it comes to quality. You should indeed give it a try for adding a value to your outfit. Yes, it is a bit costlier but prove a worth investing in this option. 

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