RO Water Purifier Brands in India for 2024

Top 10 RO Water Purifier Brands in India for 2024

In 2024, the demand for clean and safe drinking water remains a critical concern in India. With increasing pollution levels and the prevalence of waterborne diseases, having a reliable water purifier at home is essential. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers are particularly effective in removing contaminants and ensuring that the water is safe to drink. Here’s a look at the List of Best RO water purifier brands in India for 2024, which promise quality, efficiency, and advanced technology.

1. Kent Supreme Lite RO Water Purifier

Kent has long been a household name in the Indian water purifier market. The Kent Supreme Lite RO Water Purifier stands out for its robust purification process, which includes RO, UV, and UF technologies. It efficiently eliminates dissolved impurities, bacteria, and viruses. Additionally, the purifier retains essential minerals, making the water healthy and tasty. The design is user-friendly, and it comes with a storage capacity of 8 liters, making it ideal for medium-sized families.

2. Aquafresh RO Purifier

Aquafresh RO Purifier is a popular choice among Indian consumers for its affordability and reliable performance. It features a multi-stage purification process that ensures the removal of all impurities, including heavy metals and microorganisms. The sleek design and easy maintenance make it a practical choice for households looking for an efficient and budget-friendly water purification solution. Aquafresh RO Purifier combines essential features with user-friendly design, making it a top contender in the market.

3. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

HUL Pureit introduces a unique blend of modern technology and traditional wisdom with its Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier. This model not only purifies water through RO, UV, and MF (Micro Filtration) but also infuses the goodness of copper into the water. Copper is known for its antimicrobial properties and health benefits, providing an added layer of safety and nutrition.

4. AO Smith Z9 Green RO Water Purifier

AO Smith is renowned for its high-quality home appliances, and the Z9 Green RO Water Purifier is no exception. This purifier is designed with a focus on water conservation, boasting a one-of-a-kind ‘Advance Recovery Technology’ that recovers two times more water compared to conventional RO purifiers. It also features an eight-stage purification process and a hot water option, making it convenient for multiple uses.

5. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier

Blue Star, a leading name in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration, also excels in water purification with the Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier. This model is compact yet powerful, featuring a six-stage purification process. It comes with an Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) that enhances the taste of the water using calcite media. The purifier also has a child lock function to ensure safety in homes with young children.

6. Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier

Livpure’s Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier is designed to deliver pure and mineral-rich water. The six-stage purification process includes an additional mineralizer stage, which adds essential minerals to the purified water. The sleek design and LED indicators make it easy to use, while the 7-liter storage capacity ensures an adequate supply of water for daily needs.

7. LG Puricare WW140NP RO+UV Water Purifier

LG is a globally recognized brand known for its cutting-edge technology. The LG Puricare WW140NP RO+UV Water Purifier offers a five-stage filtration process, ensuring thorough purification. The Stainless Steel Tank maintains water freshness and minimizes the growth of bacteria. The purifier also features a digital sterilizing care function that sterilizes the entire water path, faucet, and tank without using any harmful chemicals.

8. Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier combines aesthetics with advanced technology. The space-saving design can be wall-mounted or placed on a countertop. It features a seven-stage purification process and a revitalizer that restructures water molecules for improved hydration and mineral absorption. The iProtect purification monitoring ensures safe water, and the electrical protection system safeguards the purifier against voltage fluctuations.

9. Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV+UF Water Purifier leverages the trust and innovation associated with the Tata brand. The nine-stage purification system includes a Silver Nanotechnology feature that provides additional protection against bacteria and viruses. The device is designed to handle water with high TDS levels, making it suitable for various water sources.

10 . Aquaguard Aura RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes is another trusted brand known for its innovative solutions in water purification. The Aquaguard Aura RO+UV+MTDS model combines multiple purification stages to ensure the highest quality of water. The Multi-Stage Technology (MTDS) allows users to adjust the taste of the water according to the source, making it versatile for various types of water, whether it’s borewell, municipal, or tanker water.


Selecting the appropriate water purifier is vital for safeguarding the health and well-being of your family. The top 10 RO water purifiers listed above offer a variety of features and technologies to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize advanced technology, traditional benefits, or budget-friendly options, there is a purifier that fits your requirements. Brands like Aquafresh RO Purifier and Kent Supreme Lite RO Water Purifier continue to lead the market with their reliable and efficient water purification solutions.

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