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The Impact of Air Pollution on Hair Loss and How to Protect It

When it comes to the question of hair health, a lot of aspect comes into play. At the same time, we can understand the role of keeping the hair neat and healthy. However, it’s equally important to consider what is the reason behind hair damage and hair loss and what one can do about it.

One of the primary factors for hair loss is air pollution, which reduces the hairline and makes the hair follicle exposed to air pollutants that damage hair growth and make a person go bald or with a thinner hairline. For preventing hair damage, one can buy natural hair oil which is effective for the proper health of the hair.

In this blog, we will look into some of the most damaging aspects of air pollution, how one can recover the hairline from it, and how to protect the hair from getting damaged due to air pollution.

Hair Loss and the Impact of Air Pollution on It

Air pollution is the primary concern when it comes to te damage of the hair. In today’s time, one can look into the aspects of how a person’s hair starts to get damaged even in their 20s due to air pollution.

The pollutants present in the air are toxic and are the reason for causing the male pattern of baldness. It also gives rise to several problems like alopecia, alopecia areata, or some chronic hair fall due to the rough ends.

Here is a list of several symptoms one can notice and understand that their hair is getting damaged due to air pollution.

·         Severe Sweating

It is a common problem and happens due to the pollutants present in the air. Later, it turns into itching.

·         Distributed Hair Loss

Since the hair gets rough, a person might feel the loss of hair. It happens mainly when the pollutants stay on the scalp. 

·         Hair Starts to Get Fragile

The hair starts to get fragile when a person stays exposed to the external environment for a long time, and it happens due the pollution.

·         Arrival of Dandruff Happens

Dandruff starts to appear due to pollution, and the chances are high when a person doesn’t wash their head on a regular basis.

·         Swelling Around Hair Follicles

One can feel the swelling around the hair follicles, and that happens as the pollutants start to damage the scalp.

Steps to Protect the Hair From the Air Pollutants

There are several ways through which one can maintain the hair and prevent it from pollution.

1.      Cover the Hair While You are Outside

It’s the first step, and that is to cover the hair with a scarf or a cloth so that it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

2.      Keep a Hairwashing Routine

Before the hair washing routine, one can buy hair growth oil and use it before doing the shampoo on the hair.

3.      Put Hair Serum on the Scalp

One can also put hair serum on the scalp so that they can have better hair and can reduce hair fall. Following these aspects is essential when it comes to the notion of protecting the hair from pollution.

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